Campus News

2021 KMU Online Entrance Ceremony 


Keimyung University announced a new beginning by holding an online entrance ceremony on February 26t, 2021 As the Covid19 situation continues, the ceremony was uploaded via online-channels. In the Adams Chapel of Seoongseo Campus, the ceremony was held with a minimal number of attendees and was recorded and distributed online. KMU President Synn Ilhi emphasized independent thinking and decision-making as the first step of entering the social world as an adult. Ga-hyeon Jung (Department of International Relations) and Hyeok-jin Son (Department of Pre-medicine) took an oath as freshmen in the ceremony, and Yoo-jin Cho (Department of Journalism and Visual Communication) was awarded a certificate of scholarship.

Starting with this entrance ceremony, KMU welcomes the new 2021. Classes were held in various ways and so KMU has worked hard to prepare for the opening of the class by establishing a new course system as well as places for students to watch video lectures in all buildings on campus.