Brief on KMU

Keimyung Student Porter (STORY+) Newly Launched


 Keimyung University has created a portal system for students to integrate, manage and use student support information through STORY+. Keimyung student porter called STORY+ [Sail Towards Opportunities and Refine Your Future], became available from March 15. Under the ambition of where my growth story begins, where my success story is completed, Unlike the existing Edward System, STORY+ supports mobile optimization services so that students can conveniently view and manage their performance regardless of time or place. The main functions of STORY+ include MY Portfolio, which helps students find out their career aim by allowing them to write and manage academic plans, resumes, and self-introduction documents, Capacity Management which allows students to view individual competency analysis tables, and Career Design that allows students to view and produce career roadmaps. In addition, extra-curriculum programs, K-Cloud convergence education, and student counseling can be applied more conveniently than before.