Tteokbokki Researcher


▶Tteokbokki is one of Koreans' favorite foods.


Tteokbokki is a uniquely Korean food, butKoreans and foreigners alike enjoy tteokbokki. The original flavor is sweet and spicy, but it also come in flavors such as cream, rose and black bean sauce these days. Who is developing these new flavors? It is a tteokbokki 
Tteokbokki researcher is a unique job only in Korea, and most Koreans don't know that such a job exists. As the Tteokbokki Research Institute began to be established in 2009, the Korea Rice Processing Food Association started as five tteokbokki researchers to develop various food items for foreign gourmets as well as tteokbokki rice cakes and sauces to advance into the world For food commonly eaten in Korea to reach the global market, research was needed to improve the storage and distribution process, along with developing eye-ears that diversify sources and make various food items. He/she frequently held idea meetings with people in each field and said that just as spaghetti in Korea and spaghetti in Italy are different, people in each country are naturally trying to change the taste of tteokbokki to suit their taste, so that the sauce remains the same, but the recipe is adapted to each country's culture.  
In order to become a tteokbokki researcher, it is helpful to major in food-related majors such as cooking, food nutrition, and food engineering because you have to develop new recipes. . In addition, they need to be very aware of the foods of various cultures and need flexibility and creativity to create to new food items based on them. In addition, attention to detail and good organization skills are necessary to track the process and ingredients in new recipes. If you love tteokbokki, why don't you eat it every day and try this unique job?