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Summer of Daegu IDCC


 Daegu International Development Cooperation Center (Daegu IDCC) which is established in DongYoung-hall on September of 2019 has a purpose to enhance understanding of international development cooperation and Official Development Assistance (ODA). To promote ODA participation by colleges, businesses, public institutions and civil society organizations, Daegu IDCC is performing a various role. In May, ODA study groups were recruited for university (graduate) and job seekers in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province who were interested in international development cooperation. In addition to acquisition of the ODA certificate related to KOICA, it is also supporting special lectures and topic discussions. Around the same time, newsletter service was started. It delivers IDC trends, centers and ODA activities regularly. In addition, through ODA regular education, global citizenship education and civil social cooperation programs, it not only increases the awareness of citizen, but also expands the base of IDC in Daegu and promotes IDC among local governments.