Landscape of the World: COVID-19 & the New Normal


Corona-virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus from Wuhan, China. The pandemic is changing the landscape of the world. This article illustrates the alteration of each country. “New Normal” refers to standards or standards that emerge as times change. The prolonged period of COVID-19 changed people's daily lives. The era of "New Normal" has arrived as the world has practiced distance between society and life. The virus, which first spread around China and Asia, has spread to Europe, America and Africa, hitting the world hard. Even now, the number of patients is increasing rapidly. About 200,000 new cases of infection are reported every day, and the actual number of infected people is expected to be much higher. There is no sign of an end yet. With no vaccine or clear cure yet, the world is adapting to a new way of life with COVID-19.
People have been trying different ways to deal with the threat. First of all, let us see of Asia’s case. In Mumbai, India, people are using toothpicks to push elevator buttons. In other places in India, students who cannot take online classes because of their lack of internet connection are watching recorded class videos together while social distancing. And like the picture, some Thai coffee shops use small carts with a pulley systems to deliver the coffee instead workers handing coffee to customers. Also in Bangkok, people renovated an elevator to click the button with their feet instead of their hands.
Second, let us explore the case of another continent. Like the picture of ‘Minions in a theater’, Parisians watch movies with lots of Minion dolls for maintaining social distance. Similarly, hundreds of thousands of restaurants are using dolls to fill chairs to ensure social distancing rules without using tape or removing tables. Some people talk with their family using a transparent vinyl screen fence to protect them from the infection. In Toronto, Canada, people take yoga classes in individual vinyl dome that is designed for social distancing. In England, inside the dome-shaped vinyl home, people have time to eat. In South Korea, Latvia and America, people enjoy drive-in concerts. Many countries are using drive-ins in many ways.
Like various cases, there are lots of alteration caused by pandemic. Now is a time of uncertainty. We know situation are bad, but people are very creative in how they deal with normal activities.