A defense for the disqualified


● Written by Kim Won-young
● Genre : Society
● Published in June 2018
● 323 pages 

Is it possible to file a lawsuit to resolve the birth of a child? In some cases, a child born with a disability may seek compensation from a doctor, saying that he was born because he or she did not undergo a proper prenatal diagnosis. Law scholars call it a ‘wrongful life lawsuit’. This case has become the main motif of the book A defense for the disqualified. Writer Kim Won-young is a person with a first-degree physical disability. He discusses the legitimacy of having a social minority life. Social minorities face many insults in their lives. However, it is necessary to be skillful and graceful in responding to this to earn dignity and respect. The writer argues that this situation is contradictory. In particular, he uses stories that he has heard and his own experiences as a disabled person. Society is not yet fully equipped with facilities for the disabled. Mistakes caused by such inconveniences are likely to be branded negatively. These minorities are the ones who develop their life stories as best they can, but they are pushed out of society because of society’s political and economic structure. The individuality and existence of the disabled are ignored by the label 'disabled'. 
The deficiency they have is theirs. Deficiency is not everything to him, nor is it something to be overcome. We must stop recklessly sympathizing with and judging others. Even if it is a "wrong life" or "disqualified life," its existence itself is dignified and attractive. We need an attitude of accepting and respecting the diversity of life. I hope you can take a moment when someone says, "I think it's really good to see you."