Senior Planner


Recently, the proportion of the nation’s elderly population is increasing very rapidly with the average life expectancy increasing. Because of that, more people are making post-retirement plans and preparing for a second life. That’s where senior planners come in. They give seniors professional advice ranging from finances to health and lifestyle to ensure a happy and stable life in old age.



The senior planner identifies clients’ financial conditions, family relationships, health conditions, emotions and retirement goals. Then, the planner consults with the clients to plan for a suitable life after retirement. The senior planner also offers professional advice on how to maintain good relationships with family members. Furthermore, the planner provides a client details on how to prepare and file their last will and testament.



Being a senior planner is suitable for those who have a high sense of responsibility for their work and are good at preparing for the unexpected because their job includes being mindful of the health of elderly people and helping them design their lives. To become a senior planner, people usually need more than a high school diploma. They need to understand the elderly and have significant knowledge about the social welfare sector, so majoring in social welfare, welfare for the elderly or counseling psychology is very beneficial.



As mentioned earlier, many people think it is important to systematically prepare for their lives after old age. Therefore, it is expected that in the future there will be many people looking for senior planners who can give expert advice from economic problems to healthy life and death to keep life happy and stable. Also, the aged population ratio in Korea is expected to be the second highest in the world after Japan by 2050. As the elderly population increases, so has the number of senior―related institutions. This then will increase the number of places where senior planners can work.