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TMR Center Re-designation of Food Testing Institution


Keimyung University Traditional Microorganism Resources Development Center (TMR Center) was re-designated as the Food Test Inspection Agency by the Daegu Regional Office of Food and Drug Safety. It will be further designated as a nationally recognized food test inspection agency as of September 2022. Since 2002, the Keimyung University TMR Center has been designated as a food hygiene inspection agency. It also hosts supporting companies such as quality standard and quality control, component analysis, hygiene management, and HACCP certification of food bio companies As a national food base organization of the National Food and Drug Safety. ‘National Nutrition Component Construction Project’ (NIS Agency) and Rural Development Administration’s ‘National Standard Food Component Construction Project’, it plays a pivotal role in the quality analysis of food. The TMR Center participated in the comparative proficiency program organized by the UK Food and Environment Research Agency, to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of inspections in the fields of food, water, environmental chemistry and microorganisms, and has received excellent evaluations.