Do dogs have to wear a muzzle?


The number of dog owners is gradually increasing. As the number of dog bites increases, something rather dangerous is happening. The government said dogs should wear a leash when they go out, or else their owners should be fined. Despite the fine, a girl was bitten by a big dog called Foxteria in July. Therefore, some people oppose not only the idea that all dogs should have leashes, but also the idea that dogs should have their mouths muzzled, and that dogs are stressed.


Lately, there have been a lot of incidents of dogs biting people. As a result, people say we must strengthen related laws. On August 18 in Chungcheongnam-do Province, a dog at a car repair shop attacked a female customer. The dog bit her neck and back, causing serious injuries that will take three weeks to heal completely. According to current Korean animal protection laws, dog owners must muzzle only ferocious dogs like America Pit Bull Terriers. Unfortunately, the current law is insufficient. Since lot of dog-bite incidents involve non-ferocious dogs, we should put a muzzle on every dog. 
First, it’s not safe enough if we only use a leash. All pets have a hunting instinct. A dog might try to catch another person or animals suddenly. If the leash is too long, you can’t control your dog. In some places, leashes are basically useless. In places like elevators or apartment hallways, we can’t stay away from other people, or their dogs. Therefore, dogs could bite people, or two dogs could fight. Dog muzzles will prevent these incidents. 

Second, all dogs can be aggressive for different reasons: protect themselves, feel fear, guard their owners. Using a muzzle can prevent dogs bites, which decreases the spread of rabies. If you feel that using a muzzle on pets is animal abuse, it’s not. Instead, using a muzzle is an effective way to prevent accidents.

Third, we need to muzzle our dogs for their own health. We can’t always see what is in the grass when we walk our dogs. There might be chicken bones, dead animals or even feces. If dogs eat these things, they might get very sick. Muzzles prevent our dogs from eating things they shouldn’t.

When you decide to take care of a dog, you need to learn about petiquette, which is the proper way to control and handle a pet. Don’t forget your new responsibilities and consider other people. If we want to be good dog owners, we should respect other people. Using a muzzle on our dogs can be a big improvement in the lives of dogs, dog owners and other people. 

●Opinion from a reader

 Lee yun-hui (Department of Major in Accounting)
Dog muzzles should be mandatory to respect everyone. If you think a muzzle might hurt your dog or it can’t drink water, don’t worry. For example, Baskerville muzzle is designed so dogs can eat snacks or smell things.  I hope someday humans and dogs can live together without an accident.  



These days, when you go outdoors, many people bring their pets. However, some dogs do not have leashes or others aren’t kept under control by their owners. Due to this, more people have reported dog bites. So the government says it will be mandatory make leashes and muzzles for all days. I strongly oppose it for three reasons. 
First, a muzzle violates a dog's physical freedom. If you take your dog for a walk and it can't walk around freely because of a leash, and if it can't bark, your dog will be stressed out and become more aggressive. You can imagine how frustrating it would be to work out in an Iron Man mask. 
Second, a muzzle causes an aversion to dogs. People can smile for a moment as they watch dogs wagging their tails on the street. However, no matter how pretty the dog is, it is no longer pretty when it is wearing a muzzle. In the movie "The Dark Knight," the villain Bane wears a muzzle to look even more evil. Likewise, muzzles make dogs look scarier, which amplifies someone’s dislike of dogs.
Finally, muzzles are unhealthy and even dangerous for dogs. Dogs have no sweat glands, so they pant (stick out their tongues) to control their body temperature. This is difficult if not impossible to do if a dog is wearing a muzzle, especially in the summer. When you have to muzzle your dog in the summer, it means that your dog may die. Also, Shih Tzu and Pekingese breeds do not have a protruding mouth, making it impossible for them to wear muzzles.
Forcing a dog to wear a muzzle to protect humans is actually hurting the dog more. A dog can’t cool itself with its tongue if it’s wearing a muzzle, so it can die from the heat. Also, if they are in danger and they have to bark for help, they can’t while wearing a muzzle. A better solution is for dog owners to learn to train and control their pets. For these reasons, I don't think dogs should be sacrificed only for the convenience of other people.

●Opinion from a reader

Park Jin-hui (Major in Advertising and Public Relations)
  I object to the mandatory use of dog muzzles. This regulation is not the best way to protect people from dogs. Those who are required to wear a muzzle are classified as large or aggressive dogs. However, large, fierce dogs do not necessarily bite, nor do small or gentle dogs never bite. It may vary depending on what situation they are in. Therefore, instead of forcing muzzles on dogs, we should not only think about how to protect the human body, but also how dogs can avoid stress.