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Yeosu, the Beautiful Story


There is a famous song related to Yeosu titled, ‘Yeosu Night Sea.’. It is safe to say that this song helped raise Yeosu tourism. Yeosu is popular for its convenient location for all areas of Korea, and hosts various tourist attractions. Yeosu is surrounded by beautiful seas, is a port city, and contains the Dadohaehaesang National Park, and I look forward to introducing Yeosu to you. 

There are also many historic areas which make it an interesting place to visit. Yeosu was a sacred place during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 and Yeosu boasts many great tourist attractions. First, there is Jinnamkwan, the site used to display Admiral Yi Sun-shin's work. After the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, this site was burned due to frequent wars, but it was recently rebuilt. This site is believed to contain a building of great historical significance and academic and artistic value. As such, there are several places left in Yeosu that are related to Admiral Yi Sun-shin. This is a place where you can see and feel many things related to Admiral Yi Sun-shin such as the introduction of the medical soldier during his time. There is a plaza which marks the start of this period of history, and the culture, and is worth visiting. 


Yeosu is also the largest producer of marine products on the south coast. Special products like leaf mustard kimchi and salted seafood produced in Yeosu. The anchovies and oyster dishes produced in Yeosu are famous if you want to experience these local delicacies firsthand. One reason why Yeosu is a popular destination is the beautiful natural scenery because development and preservation were properly harmonized to make this happen. 

Yeosu also hosts the ‘Turtle Ship Festival,’ the nation’s oldest extravaganza, which is held every May. The most eye-catching structure is the turtle ship, which has been reproduced close to its original shape. In fact, it was designed so that tourists can view inside the model turtle ship so that audiences can feel the appearance of the sailors and the vivid scenes of its use. There is also a mural that depicts Admiral Yi Sun-shin's life story and the process of the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. The festival also boasts cultural performances such as the naval forces departure ceremony and Ganggang-sullae, which is the folk game that is held every Saturday. 


Looking out of the square toward the sea, you can see the the Dolsan Bridge. At night, the bridge is lighted with 50 colors and has a colorful appearance. The night view of Dolsan Bridge will help spectators understand why the sea and light are together in Yeosu. After enjoying the night view of the bridge, it is time to move to the Yeosu Expo Station and watch the Big O show. Visitors can enjoy the largest maritime fountain show on the ground, dancing to the sweet classical and jazz tunes. Tickets are available online and on site, but it is closed every Monday. 
Yeosu is not only enjoyable at night as there are several ways to enjoy Yeosu during the day. If you want to feel the beautiful day of Yeosu, I recommend visiting the mural village. Here, you can look up at the colorful murals and the sparkling sea. Although you may be tired by going up to the top, the top of the mural village make you forget the strength of the uphill path. Some cafes which are located at the top are enough to enjoy this beauty. If even this is not enough to enjoy Yeosu, i recommend taking a cable car or a rail bike near the sea. It may be a short time, but it is another way to enjoy Yeosu. If you buy tickets through social commerce, you can purchase them at a lower price, so take a look. The cable cars are divided into general and cabin, and they have a transparent floor, so riders can see the ocean under their feet. Isn't it thrilling just to think about it? Like these attractions, Yeosu, which has such diverse charms during the day and night, has no reason not to visit.


When I visited Yesosu, I found that there is enough beauty in the city. In particular, the sunset from the Dolsan Bridge was more impressive than I expected, and the glittering surface of the sea in the sunlight was unforgettable. During the summer vacation season, abundant food and events will be offered so use the upcoming summer vacation to visit Yeosu and make new memories.. Also, I recommend using travel week. Don't forget to visit and enjoy the delicious seafood and beautiful natural landscape!