Special Report

The God of Youtube


● Author: Daedoseogwan

● Genre: Business

● Published in May 2018

● Lenghth: 272 pages


Last month's issue of YouTube Creator was introduced in the job information section of the KMU Gazette, and included the processes needed to make a video, how to make profit, etc. In this article, I will introduce the book ‘God of YouTube’ that introduces the YouTube Creator Daedoseogwan, who is considered a pioneer of one-man media with 1.7 million subscribers, and what he has learned and learned over the past eight years. 
It will reveal all of the author's key know-how ranging from content planning, to advertising revenue and professionalism, to practical guidelines. As one of the first generation of creators, he broke ground and has been pioneering his own way forward. In the process, he learned what it takes to be a one-man brand and used the ‘God of YouTube’ to share the wisdom of enlightenment with more people.
Chapter 1 talks about why a single brand is important in the digital world and shows how to develop it with new opportunities. Chapter 2 shows what you like and do well, while Chapter 3 introduces all necessary guidelines from A to Z in order to challenge actual creators through content planning, filming, editing, promotion, advertisement, and communication with viewers. Chapter 4 describes not only the success of individual authors but also the growth of the one-man brand market, and that everyone needs to grow together. This book shows the author's philosophy and his strenuous efforts to exert a good influence.
I recommend reading this book for more information on YouTube Creator which follows the previous issue well. If you want to see the previous issue, you can go to gazette.gokmu.com.