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Culture Academy : Myths and Tales


Hengso Museum is hosting special classes about myths and tales for 12 weeks from 13 March to 5 June. During the lectures on Tuesdays, new professors host classes on various topic. It provides opportunity for local residents to study traditions and the humanities. This lecture is composed of topics about myths and tales and lecturers which teach historical content including eastern and western culture as well. Kwon-gu Kim, the chief of Hengso Museum, said that they invited respectable lecturers who are an authorities in their filed, so he felt honored. Also he hoped the students would have a good experience through this program. The first class was about The Heritage of the Three States written by Ii-yeon. The class was informative and attracted students. This program costs 150,000won, and the students will take not only lectures but also can do an exploration program twice. The lecture is held in the basement of Hengso Museum on Tuesdays from 14:00 to 17:00.

Seo Sang-ah KMG Reporter