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Tabula Rasa Seminar


The Writing Center held the Tabula Rasa Seminar on September 15, 2017. This seminar was a lecture for author, professor, that study and analyze eastern and western classics and modern masterpieces in order to teach students. This seminar was held five times in order to provide the various content. The purpose of these seminars was for KMU students to improve their knowledge of humanities and rouse their interest. This program is associated with the Quiz Contest and Reading Certification which is held by Dongsan Library. The final lecture referred to The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit Capitalism written by Max Weber. The professor that gave the lecture was the chief of the Writing Center. He emphasized that companies that only pay attention to increasing profit should also pay attention to understand and consider ethics. This center belongs to Tabula Rasa College which is the college of liberal arts. Also, all the students who want to participate can take a writing class and receive one-on-one proofing comments by a professional tutor.