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Multicultural Society Implementing Agency


KMU announced that it was selected to join the Multicultural Society Implementation Agency, on August 25 and was awarded qualification to train multicultural society experts. A multicultural society expert is a professional worker who can teach courses for immigrants on adaptation and settlement into Korean society. The course includes an introduction to immigration policy, entry and residency of foreigners, process of rights and interests, and integration into society over a 15 hour course. Also, this class was taken from an expert in the immigration culture field. The Ministry of Justice will conduct this multicultural society expert personnel qualification from the second half of this year. The chief of the Immigration Cultural Center said that Korea needs to establish a system to handle 1.71 million immigrants based on the numbers from 2015. KMU has cooperated with the Ministry of Justice since immigration multicultural society center was established. In addition, KMU was selected to the National Superior Institute through the integration society program, and this program will also be gradually standardized and specialized.