Temporary Teacher Protest


Recently, the number of people taking the teacher certification exam has increased dramatically, which makes it much more competitive. On August 26 this year, temporary teachers protested their situation and demanded to be made permanent teachers. They must renew contracts their each year, unlike permanent teachers, because they failed the exam. They can continue to get their contracts renewed or new contracts and work as teachers, but they don't have the security of stability of permanent teachers.

Temporary teachers believe they do the same work and are as good as permanent teachers, so they should become permanent teachers, so they should become permanent teachers. Permanent teachers disagree. The National Association of Temporary Teachers said, "We have done the same work as well as regular teachers by studying various ways to teach well." On the other hand the Korean Teachers & Educational Worker's Union insisted that making temporary teachers permanent teachers discriminates against university students preparing to take the teacher certification exam. Also, making temporary teachers permanent teachers will decrease the quality of education because they couldn't pass the exam.

On September 11, the Ministry of Education announced that they will not promote temporary teachers to permanent teachers because it is not fair to those preparing to take the teacher certification exam. On the contrary, the Ministry of Labor strongly disagreed with that announcement because they think workers doing the same job should have to same rank. While the Ministry of Labor was upset, an education student group focused on preparing for the exam welcomed the result. They insist that the employment process must continue to be fair and equitable. This situation will intensify the discord between temporary and permanent teachers. This situation shows that the situation for teachers is contentious and the state of education is unstable.

Ultimately, the Ministry of Education has to find a better way to solve problems like this. For example, they have to get rid of a system that needs and produces temporary workers and make a system to increase permanent workers. In addition, we have to maintain the standard of becoming a certified teacher. Hopefully, the government can find a solution that is good for everyone.

Seo Sang-ah KMG Junior Reporter