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House Manager


Many people go to concert halls and theatres to see performances. Without staff members to assist in these places, people would enjoy performances less. One of the most important staff members is the 'House Manager'. Overseas, this is a critical professional position in theatres and concert halls. In Korea, it is not very familiar to us, but that has begun to change. If you have interest in performance art management, this information will help you.

● Role

A house manager plans, organizes and manages various kinds of performances from beginning to end. The house manager is executive director of a performance hall, the CEO. In planning a performance, they contact production agencies and choose performance groups, like a musical or opera group to see performance who's available. Then they will schedule groups until the schedule for the year is full. On the day of a performance, they confirm that the facilities and services are ready. For example, they ensure that the theatre seats and bathrooms are clean, programs are printed and the snack bar is stocked. During a performance, they have to maintain order and handle customer problems like complains or late guests. They also keep track of attendance numbers for that day. In addition, he or she coordinates the stage with director to ensure a smooth performance.

● Qualifications

To be a house manager does not require a certain major or academic ability. It is advantageous to have a degree related to marketing, performing arts or customer service and experience working at a theatre as an usher or at a company as a marketer. Recently, an association of house managers set up a training program for those interested in the profession. The program provides practical knowledge and practice as well as job placement assistance. I hope interested people make the best use of this program. If you want more information, visit this homepage:www.housemanager.co.kr

● Prospects

The prospects for house managers are quite bright as demand for performing arts is increasing these days. Also with increased access to performance arts, new theatres and performance companies will be founded throughout the nation and communities.