Brief on KMU

Volunteering in the Philippines


Keimyung University helped local people in the Philippines from January 21 for 10 days. The team from Keimyung University included a professor from Fashion Design, a volunteer from Caritas, and 4 students from Fashion Design. They headed to Negros Islandin the Philippines. They taught local people how to make products and sell them.

Keimyung University visited Negros Island before with 34 students from July 5 to 18, 2015. They built a new elementary school and improved the learning environment for students. This was the second visit of Keimyung University.

The Fashion Design students taught local people how to make clothes, bags, and accessories. In addition, they gave the local people sewing machines for free. After the class, they had a graduation ceremony with local people. This class will help the local people to sell handmade products to tourists or hotels.