Gori Nuclear Plant Shutdown


The Gori Nuclear Power Plant is located in Gori, a suburban village in Busan. It is an oldest nuclear power plant and expected to permanently shut down in June 2017. However There are still different views about Gori power plant.


The National Energy Commission, which determines major energy policies, held a meeting on June 13. It was held to decide whether to close the Gori No. 1 nuclear power plant or not. They decided to close the Gori plant in Busan in June 2017. However, the opposition to the closure of Gori power plant insists that the Gori plant is safe. Nonetheless, Gori nuclear power plant should be closed.

First, Gori nuclear power plant is too dangerous. The Gori plant was the first nuclear power plant in Korea. It started to produce energy in April 1978 and operated until June 2007. At that time, the Gori plant had broken down over 80 times because of technical defects. Even though it had many defects, such as an automatic shutdown due to a breakdown of electricity supply equipment and gas turbines, it got approval for another 10 years of operation from the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission in January 2008. After it got the extension, the cooling system of the plant broke down for 12 minutes because of heavy rain on September 2, 2012. Workers in the plant concealed the accident for a month.

Second, Busan citizens badly want to close the Gori plant because most of them doubt the plant’s safety. According to a survey by Dong-Eui University and the Citizen’s Solidarity for Participation and Self-Governance in Busan, out of 1000 citizens, 56.4% said they are willing to pay extra taxes to close the plant. The government has to take citizens’ opinions seriously.

Gori No. 1 nuclear power plant has had many problems for over 30 years. The government should close one of the oldest and most dangerous nuclear power plants, Gori No. 1. Safety should be considered first.

●Opinion from the readers
Severine Febvet (Department of Game Mobile Contents, France)
I think it should be closed, especially if there had been lots of problems with it. Since it is so close to one of the biggest cities in Korea, an accident would cause a lot of damage. I’m sure there are alternatives to it, and we must think of the safety of others.

Lim Ji-yeon (Department of English Language and Literature, Keimyung University)
I agree with closing Gori power plant. Most of all, citizens’ safety must be considered first. How they can live in peace between lots of accidents and corruption scandals? The government should consider the citizens’ viewpoint.

By Kwon Ji-min
KMG Junior Reporter


Recently, the government held an executive meeting about shutting down the Gori nuclear plant. They have decided to shut the Gori nuclear plant in 2017. Although the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation claim the Gori nuclear plant is safe, citizens in Ulsan and Busan are raising doubts about the stability of the plant. Nevertheless, I disagree with shutting down the Gori nuclear plant.

First, since our country lacks alternative energy, shutting down the nuclear plant will trigger a shortage of energy. Nuclear energy currently provides 30% of Korea’s energy consumption and it is continuously increasing. If the nuclear plant does not produce any energy, there needs to be another source to fill the gap. Korea imports 35% of the energy that is used domestically, which adds up to approximately 17 billion dollars. If the nuclear plant is shut down, Korea will have no choice but to import more energy than now. Therefore, the Gori nuclear plant cannot be easily shut down.

Lastly, the government is not taking the results of the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation seriously. It is not professional to shut the Gori nuclear plant down just because of the media and the objections of some people. There is a report proving that the nuclear plant is still okay to use. The government should consider the report from the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation and continue to operate the plant.

Gori nuclear plant has received a report proving it is safe to use for ten more years. However, it seems like the government is not considering the report. I hope that this controversy is settled based on concrete facts and an objective view instead of just the media. There is no reason to shut down the Gori nuclear plant.

●Opinion from Readers
Park Min Kyung, College of Liberal Arts
Sungkyunkwan University
I am concerned about the safety of the Gori nuclear plant, but I believe the reports from the official organization are reliable and think that the decision was made too suddenly. I hope information about the current situation is more accurately delivered to the public.

Abdul Qayyum, Dept. of Physics
Sungkyunkwan University
As a foreigner, I am worried about Korea’s decision because it is clearly seen through official reports that the nuclear plant is not causing any trouble. However, the government seems to continue to make changes without any consideration of the professional organizations results from the Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation.

By Rho Poo-ryn
KMG Junior Reporter