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Student Accountancy Competition


The second Student Accountancy Competition for university students was held on July 1 at the Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry National Qualification Exams Center. 1000 people in 125 teams from 78 different universities participated.

Kang Hye-won, Kwon An-na, Kim Su-hyun, Kim Su-ho, Ro Kyung-taek, Seo Da-yeon, and Seo Sang-wook teamed up for the team competition. They won the first prize, the Minister of Strategy and Finance Award. In addition, Kang Hye-won received the grand prize in the individual competition, and Seo Da-yeon and Kwon An-na received runner-up prizes.

The Student Accountancy Competition is hosted by the Korean Academic Society of Accounting. The purpose of this competition is to improve participants’ practical accounting ability which is required by the National Competency Standards (NCS).

The competition evaluates level 2 of the Accountancy Management Test. This test requires a junior college level of knowledge about accounting and taxation. There are two written tests. The first one is about financial accounting, and the second one is about cost accounting. There is a last test which reveals students’ ability to use accounting software programs. The winner is chosen by the highest points total. The team competition is the same. The winner is chosen by the average points of the team members.